Decorating With Flowers

4:36 PM Posted by Piera Jolly

I absolutely love flowers especially using them as décor at parties or events. They can be very expensive though. You have to buy the flowers and vases to put them in. To get the biggest bang for your buck, I always try to use the same color and type of flower. Sometimes, I will use other types or colors, but I use them sparingly within an arrangement. One way I save money is by using everyday household containers as vases. I use coffee cans, jars, cans from fruit or veggies, Frapuccino jars, and even Pringles cans. I have been collecting containers for over a year so I have a lot of them! My husband used to think I was a total weirdo when I first began collecting containers. Now, after seeing them in use, he thinks it’s pretty cool. Here is an example of a coffee container I turned into a vase.

Here is a Pringles can:

Here are a bunch of flowers in “vases” made from household containers. I use paper to line them and then attach a ribbon. You could use fabric, felt, wrapping paper, paper, etc.

These are artificial flowers, which, honestly I have no problem using. I love fresh flowers, but they can get expensive so I like to have a bunch of artificial flowers on hand that I can use to decorate. If I use artificial flowers, I use a different technique with the clear jars. Instead of lining the outside, I cut a piece of paper to the height of the jar and then, I roll the paper into a tube and drop it into the jar. This way, you can’t see the stems through the jar and they look more “real”.

To make your vases, you will need the following items:


  1. Mommy Mia said...

    Such great ideas!! I will have to try some of them!
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  2. Kim said...

    Well I know what I am going to be Good ideas!
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  3. MommyKoz said...

    I love love love these!!! Now I won't mind when my 6 yr old is constantly taking canisters out of the trash & recycling bins.

    Come spring - flowers, not bugs!!

  4. luthien said...

    well done! simple to do and great to look at :) God bless
    "luthien" :)

  5. SimplyForties said...

    Clever idea. Always nice to find a good way to stretch a dollar.