Happy Black Friday!

5:00 AM Posted by Unknown

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you are out shopping now, I hope that you are able to get all of things you were looking for and that your bones are intact! For those of you that decided not to brave the Black Friday war zone of early bird holiday shoppers, don't forget about Cyber Monday! Also, check your favorite online stores today because many retailers offer Black Friday online as well. Happy Bargaining!


  1. Felicia said...

    I saw someone that looked like that on the news this morning! LOL!

  2. Erin Tales said...

    LMAO! Best Buy wasnt so bad! I was so surprised. TRU was HELL! Target was okay!

    You heard about Walmart?

  3. Jess NBP said...

    I didn't do any shopping hubs did it ALL.

  4. Mom Times Three said...

    I braved Walmart on Friday afternoon - no way was I going in the morning! But I much prefer shopping online, so I will be busy looking for deal tomorrow!

    Mom Times Three