Save Money On Your Grocery Bill

11:05 PM Posted by Piera Jolly

How To Save Money At The Grocery Store

1. Plan, plan, plan. Seriously, plan your meals ahead of time and make a grocery list by aisle. Promise yourself that you will stick to your list!
2. I know you have heard this one many times, but there is a reason why! Do not go to the grocery store hungry. This is a sure fire way to impulse buy because your growling stomach will be leading you.
3. Take advantage of coupons, frequent shopper programs, etc. There are websites now that allow you to "load" your store's frequent shopper card with coupons before you go to the store eliminating the need to clip coupons. One of these websites is However, I still suggest clipping coupons because you will find many more coupons in your Sunday paper. Finally, find out what your store's policy is on doubling coupons. Some stores will even triple your coupons.
4. Try store brands. Many stores are offering great store brand options even organic products that are really great.
5. If you are loyal to some specific brands, go to their company website and register. Most of these companies will email you coupons.
6. Don't buy something just because it is on sale. If you don't need it or it is not on your list, don't buy it. Find out your store's policy on Buy One Get One Free. Most stores charge 50% off each item so if you only need 1, you will be saving money.
7. Skip as many convenience or prepackaged foods as you can. For example, crumbled Feta cheese is more expensive than whole Feta. It only takes seconds to crumble it yourself. If you buy Lunchables for your kids, it is just as easy to buy crackers, a deli meat, and cheese and cube/cut yourself and store in containers.
8. Pay close attention at the cash register. Make sure that you are not charged more or that one item is accidently scanned twice.


  1. quitecontrary1977 said...

    Good advice. I'm having to be very frugal these days myself. Come by my blog and enter my giveaways! Nothing is better than freebies!

    ooo..and I'm starting a dress giveaway tomorrow!

  2. MommyKoz said...

    Wow -- Thank you for the AWESOME tips.. and I have one more I learned (the hard way) by constantly going to the store with a $20 list of food and coming home with $100 of food.

    Leave the check book and debit card home and bring only cash. Then you DEFINITELY will shop frugally. :)

  3. Vicki Arnold said...

    Timely good advice. I have to say I was surprised how much more per pound crumbled feta was compared to the block. We buy the block now. ;-)

  4. Erin Tales said...

    Great tips! And I love the comic. :teehee:

  5. Carrie said...

    I try to follow these tips and still come home with more than I planned! I think I need to do as suggested and leave check book and debit card at home at only take cash!
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