Black Friday!

2:38 PM Posted by Piera Jolly

It's almost time for Black Friday, which is the kick off mega sale for Christmas shopping! It also means traffic, long lines, cranky "holiday" shoppers, and fighting people for the "hot" new toy-LOL! Sounds like a lot of fun! Some years there are deals that I can't pass up so I enter the Black Friday warzone, but if I can avoid it then I do! Nowadays, though, stores are offering their sales ONLINE, which is amazing! You can stay home in your PJ's digesting the massive turkey meal from the night before and shop from your computer! Either way, whether you hit the stores in person or online, it is time to start preparing. There are many websites that get the Black Friday ads BEFORE the day and post them online. It's important to visit these sites often because many times the retailers find out and have the ads pulled from the websites. This way you can plan your "strategy" for the day. If not, you will have to wait for the paper to come out Thanksgiving evening to see the store ads and coupons.

Here are a couple websites that have already begun posting store ads:


  1. Erin Tales said...

    The last time I did shopping on BF, Keegan was 6 months old. I used him and the stroller to get people out of my way. LOL. I also brought my dad. See who would mess with a woman with a baby and a 200 + pound man. :) BF is brutal. But great deals.

  2. Felicia said...

    Dugg it!

  3. Jai said...

    That cartoon says it all! I am going to look at the ads to see if I will be shopping or not this year. I went pregnant one year with my foot swollen because I misstepped a few days before that and injured it. I still didn't miss it! Added you to my reader. Great blog!